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Since mid-2016,  Veteran Services of New England, a duly registered Connecticut not-for-profit, Veteran Service Organization* (VSO).   has focused on assisting those who serve and have served with life skills.  Yes!  That means we assist those in the reserves, active duty, prior service members and their immediate families. In part, this includes providing employment, mental health, recreational rehab assistance  and other services associated with the transition from military service to the next phase of life and beyond.  For families we provide opportunities to meet and engage in activities while discussing issues relevant to caregivers, spouse, significant others, children, etc.. In short, we know that while the uniform may be hung up, inside being a service member is a life altering event that will forever live within us as the Veteran while always impacting those closest to us.

To that end, through our philanthropic donations, partnerships with other vetted organizations and wide range of referral capabilities, we provide assistance for daily living needs.  These may include assistance with the most basic of life's requirements like; food, shelter, clothing, mortgage/rent, heating and electric for the service member and/or their family.  Employment coaching, referrals, character strength surveying.

As a VSO and through our Veterans Count Joint Operations Centers™ (VCJOC™) across the state we provide free, professional assistance to veterans and their families in obtaining benefits and an array of mental and physical services as provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), other agencies of government and our statewide partners.  Our partners range from Canteens, Coffeehouses, higher education facilities and State Representatives to mental health partners. For more information on our VCJOC™ initiatives please contact us through our contact page.

If you are looking for volunteer opportunities please also contact us directly.