potential employers.  Our affiliation with prospective employers and educators puts us in a unique position act as a conduit on your behalf.

Are you entrepreneurial and have given thought to starting your own business?  You have come to the right place.  Want o take to someone who understands all aspects of a for-profit or noon-profit business, contact Steve Dunkle directly through our contact page.  TO learn more about his experience please go to the "About Us" page. 

All of our services are provided at no charge to the veteran.  To login to the survey click HERE.  We strongly encourage you to be honest and thoughtful in your responses. 

Once you have completed your survey we will contact you and if you want, assist you with understanding how and where your skills can best be utilized in today's competitive market.  The  conversations may go from putting you in touch with entities that could help with starting your own business through contact with educational facilities to direct contact with

Employment & Coaching

Have you ever wondered what your greatest strengths are?  You know you have goals and aspirations but are you entrepreneurial?  Do you possess good judgment and leadership skills?  How does your creative side compare with your love of learning?

We are pleased to be able to provide a unique opportunity to Veterans who are goal oriented. We are now offering the opportunity to have your strengths identified. At no cost to you!  The survey will take approximately 7 minutes to complete.  When you have gone through the 120 questions you will be able to review the results, in numerical order, starting with your greatest strength culminating in the one that could use the most improvement. (click HERE)