At VSONE™ we provide various types of community based services to Veterans, National Guard Reservists, and Gold & Blue Star families, caregivers, and military families to help ensure that the diverse needs of this distinct community are being met. Our mission is summed up by our initiative of  “One”; “One act, impacting One life, that assists One Vet”.

Additionally, we have leveraged the "best practices" of other Veteran organizations across the state and country and have incorporated our own knowledge base and personal experiences to create what is quickly becoming known as a destination to get answers and services for Veterans, military connected individuals and organizations.  

As an additional resource, the depth of our staff includes multiple Vets, VA Connecticut staff volunteers, and others deeply immersed in the military community.  We very focused on ensuring that we have the credibility of being an organization of Vets for Vets.  We are uniquely positioned to provide and expand upon our existing depth of resources for the Veteran and military constituency not only across Connecticut, but potentially beyond the state borders through our ever growing cadre of local, state and federal partners.

Some of our initiatives include:

  • Armed Forces Community Canteens
    • Female Only meetings
    • SUD meetings
    • Others based upon popular request
  • Community gatherings
  • Veteran & military related speakers
  • Health & wellness speakers
  • iPad, smartphone, PC navigation assistance
  • My HealtheVet introduction and use
  • Law Enforcement Awareness Program
  • Employment and referral services
  • ... more

For organizations:

  • Entrepreneurial business mentoring
  • Grant writing services

For additional information, suggestions or ideas please contact us through our Contact page.